Friday, April 13, 2012

A Challenge and A Change of Hearts

Ten days ago I put a Challenge Forward Quilt Challenge #1 I hope to have this be the first of many quilting challenges that I share with others.  I threw down the Challenge and never my self gave what I thought was a resalable response to it.  Granted I was disappointed that few commented or took me up on the Challenge but I would like to put forth 2 blocks that I have made.  I will post them both here and on the flicker page  To recap I want you to create a block or 2 that is inspired by these chairs.  You do not have to match the design or even the color exactly just needs to be inspired.  All those that enter will be put in a drawing to win all of the blocks to make a quilt out of them.

I am not sure what the proper name of the blocks are I will call them Quarter Square Triangles.  These are the 2 blocks I have made by rummaging though the stash.  My wife pointed out to me that the Brown I picked was her's for her Hearts quilt and I had to promise not to use a lot of it.  Which got me to thinking I have not work on that quilt for a while (see I am like a squirrel I see a nut and I run off chasing it, Or am i the nut? Hum who knows) wait where was I.  Oh yea the hearts.

In the post Blue Hearts Progress I showed some of the blocks we are making for a queen size quilt.  I am not rushing to finish this one mostly because I don't think I can quilt it (being too big) on my machine so have no clear path how to finish it.  But yet again it has received more progress.  When last I talked about the quilt we had appliqued the hearts down but had not done any thing past that.  While tonight not knowing how to do it better I tried out all the cool stitches my machine does (stitches 20-32 to be exact).  Any that want to put their 2 cents in I could use it on this how best do you sew down appliques that you do.  Here is what I did please give input (oh and don't get distracted like me top of the post the Challenge is calling you don't get side tracked and join in.)

Look at you your already distracted Think Challenge!!


bunbear said...

your hearts are very nice. don't give up making them because you think the quilt will be too big to quilt on your machine. i quilted a very large quilt on my domestic sewing machine last fall, i want to say it measured around 84"x94". granted, the quilting was just straight lines, on the diagonal, spaced a couple inches apart, but it wasn't as difficult as i thought it would be. don't put that roadblock in your head - you can do it! if you find it too difficult to do in one big section, you can quilt it in big chunks and then join them together. good luck!

Quiltn Mama said...

Maybe you could do a 'quilt as you go' for the heart quilt. I really like your challenge one uses orange enough in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I really like the heart blocks. Very nice.

Joyce Carter said...

The heart blocks are beautiful, Richard, and will make a beautiful quilt!I know that you will do a great job quilting it.Just take your time and enjoy the process.If you are intimadated by doing a big quilt (like I am), then do the "Quilt as you go" method.You may enjoy this more.
Your daughter is sooo adorable!!I would love to have a precious little grand-daughter. Hint-hint. But I was blessed with 3 grandsons. I wouldn't take anything for them, though. They are very special to me.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Love the heart blocks and of course I love the challenge blocks too -- I like that you shared a block possibility. I am going to a quilt retreat this weekend and hope to make a block there for the challenge.
Thanks for sharing at Minutes for Me Linky Party!
Have a wonderful day!

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