Friday, April 6, 2012

Scott's Quilt & Re-Stash

I finally got a finish on my 2 week dry spell. I am sure many of you wondered what happened to me.  I took the quilt into the backyard after work and took some pictures on the swing-set don't look so close to the back ground the yard is a mess.

I caught this one as it fell off the swing set.

Then it slid down the slide

Back is gray (at this point I realized I forgot to put my label on that will have to do that Saturday).

Friday when I got up for work, this is what I found. If you are not looking closely you might miss the almost inch of snow inside the van.  It seems that some how we left the door open all night, oops.

 This was before work.

This is after work, you just have to love spring in Utah.

Julia did not look so happy for this picture but she does look cute in a few on her blog taken the same time you can find them

My wife took me to Jo-Ann's, OK I guess I dragged her to make me not over do it on the buying. I don't think it worked.  The 3 blues on right and 3 purples on the left are for baby rag quilts.  The yard of fabric and the fat quarters one or the other will go with our Case material for a rag quilt for my brother in law.  The John Deer fabric is for my brother in laws rag quilt, our first buy did not have enough to make 2 quilts.  After cutting all of the fabric on Wednesday I realized we could not make them as big as Tanya wanted (for her brother and dad) so we needed a little more to stretch what we had.  Last of all, 2 queen size batting's.  Not a bad shopping trip, I got every thing for half price or better.  A savings total of 162.95. For some reasons, I save more when shopping with my wife.  I end up buying 10 times more, spending in the long run way more then I would have alone.  Hum good thing she is thrifty.

April Finishes


Mary said...

I had to chuckle about the van. Glad it wasn't a bad snow storm!

You do know about JoAnns Black Friday sales, right? Save up and buy your flannel then. It is always the cheapest price of the year. I always buy a roll of Warm and Natural batting then, too.

Congratulations on a finish!

mumasu said...

Love the black and white quilt. Don't worry about the yard you have a new baby. It snowed in some parts of the UK too but not here.

Anonymous said...

Wow, hope it was warm enough to dry out the van! Silly Utah! It's April! Your photo series always make me smile and sometimes downright laugh. The quilt was having a good time on the swing set. =)

I'm glad you "saved" so much! LOL

Carla said...

Morning Richard. Did your candle mat and twirl charm pack show up yet? Happy Easter to you and yours.

Cherie said...

Love the rag quilt!
Wish we had a Joanns here I could pop into and buy some fabric from...however I did get to go to London and buy some =D Can't wait to see what those quilts look like =D

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks like you got some great buys! Those are always fun! Snow and a open van door......not good!

Elizabeth said...

I love it when I save more than I spend! LOVE it!

Great rag quilt. And I did not wonder what you were up to. I knew. Playing with that new little cutie!

Thanks for linking up and congrats on another finish!

xo -E

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