Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Cleanup and Easter Day

Saturday was a busy and productive day but not for my sewing machine.  When I went to bed Saturday night I realized I had not gone and looked at what the kids put out for Jared for Easter morning so I went in and found my sewing machine looking lonely in the dark so I had to take a picture of it.  I did sew a couple rows today while taking a break from yard work but not much today sewing done.

We did find us a bunny on Saturday though and it seemed fitting for Easter so took a picture of it this was at the community garden where me and the kids went to work (while 2 younger ones to do Easter egg hunt)

And you cant have any eggs with out the chickens.  This one belongs to a lady down the street from me she brought it over to the community garden for the kids to see.

Jared and Rebecca looking for eggs

They were told they could find one real and 3 plastic each.

And this is one I spied and let Rebecca know where it was.

James on the other hand was a big help to the garden he laid out carpet that they put between the rows to keep weeds down and keep your feet from getting muddy smart idea

Sadly dad watched and let my kid do all the work.

I do have to point out this one I tilled all but 2 rows James came and finished.  Along with the garden tilled again we bought 4 tree's and planted them a pear, a apple, and 2 cherry tree's I got in a gardening mood at the community garden and after talking to some one about tree's decided the 5 fruit tree's I had was not enough and now I have 9.  Not bad for a small lot living in the city.

The girls stayed home and did what they do best while the rest of us worked outside today.  We did end the day well by having steak, hamburgers, and hot dogs on the grill outside and invited friends down to share them.

Julia Easter Morning did have to show off her new slippers even though they are so huge on her.

My first John Deer Quilt is sewed together.  Once the wife is done doing what I call the hard part and she calls the easy part (cutting it) It will be ready for her dad for Christmas it will be a day or so for that so expect its finish soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a Christmas present already - a big one! I love the idea of the carpet pieces laid down between the rows! Though my garden will never be that big. LOL. I have 1/3 of an acre, but a lot of it is woods in the back, and it also slopes in two directions. Nothing flat about this lot! I'm thinking of getting a couple of really big tires or else stock watering tanks and filling them with dirt. Maybe I could level them with a board under one end, or something. Or build up a dirt platform? Anyway, that's my current thinking. LOL

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We no longer garden - just a few tomoato patio plants, but plenty of farmer's markets nearby. Side note - did you received the traveling stash box yet?

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