Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Wife's Pinwheels

 My wife Tanya has me making pinwheels.  She wants me to make her a quilt out of her Twirl FQ bundle we bought and she wanted to make sure I could make a pinwheel before I messed hers up so she found this cute pattern on Moda Bake Shop for a baby pinwheel quilt.

While I have finished the top on the baby quilt and here it is in all its glory.  I have started sewing the Twirl Pinwheels together also but will be a few days tell I can show those off.
 I am involved with 2 12 1/2 inch block swaps and one of my April blocks showed up and its pretty so had to show it off.
 Here are the 2 blocks I made for my May partners.
Sadly I am a tad late and already have my new may swap partners maybe they will forgive me for being late.

Lastly is a picture of Julia.  The quilt she is laying on was a gift from relief society women at church.  Back before I started quilting we were ask for the baby shower if we wanted a Quilt or Dinners made and I chose a quilt (because my wife would not make me one) while 30+ quilts later I don't need some one to make me one any more, but I do appreciate this wonderful quilt that we got.  They normally hand tie the quilts, but we were awed and amazed at this wonderful machine quilted (FMQ) quilt that we got.  

But that is not why I added the picture.  While visiting my wife's family last weekend (showing off the baby) we were given the Red Dress that Julia has on.  As you can see she is almost too big to wear it but its one of those things that you just have to get a picture in.  This dress belonged to Tanya, my wife, when she was a baby.  So Julia now can say she is already dressing up in her mothers clothing.  Though she has already worn many of her big sisters clothing this one will always be special.


Anonymous said...

Love the RS quilt! They did a great job for you. Julia looks adorable in the red dress, too. What an awesome bit of heritage to own. The pinwheel top is very cheerful. Tanya should have trusted you to get it right. LOL

Carla said...

Very sweet---and those eyes!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Love the pinwheels, and love the 3D prairie points in the border.

Quilter's Diary said...

Love the pinwheel quilt. I've been planning to make this same exact quilt from the Moda website, so it's interesting to see the colors you chose for it. It's adorable.

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