Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grand Opening Sales

Before I get to the reason for today's post I want to again mention my Angel Baby Boutique Giveaway I am having a giveaway for 2 different people some of the bows or other items on my Sister-In-Laws's Etsy Store.  Even if your not a bow person I am sure some one in your life is and this would make a great gift for them.  Above is my cute 14 year old sporting one of the bow's we got from her Aunt.

I live in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah (on the north end) and in our valley here we have 3 different JoAnn's stores.  Just north of us was a small store that was closing so I had never visited it.  A couple weeks ago my wife pointed out a new store that was opening in Centerville, Utah not far north from where we were at.  So well I visited it.  For me that is dangerous, as I tend to leave with too much.    At that time my wife picked up a coupon for their Grand Opening which was a few weeks away.  At that time I did not think much about it.  Last night we had a wedding reception to go too and we were heading to the store when my wife noticed the coupon on the floor of the car.  It had a 20% off coupon good only between 5pm and 7pm on the Grand Opening weekend.  Some might think that's not a great coupon.  The Coupon was good after any and all other coupons and sale prices.

The giant bag above is what we ended up with (the bag was free too) I ended up getting 11 diffrent cuts of material one of which was the Green Minky at the top of the bag which I got for 50% off with a extra 20% off that.  Total savings was 181.73  Every thing I bought I got 50% off or more before my 20% off.  Any way if you thought I was creating a lot of quilts before I will be making even more soon as I have stuff for 5-6 new projects.  On top of it, my Green Monster (Jared) is dancing around the house holding his Minky even though his quilt is not any where near done yet. so won't be ready for a finish any time soon.


Teresa in Music City said...

That's too funny Richard! I can't resist a great sale either - good for you!!! Can't wait to see all the goodies you make with the new fabrics.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Agora que já me despertou inveja(moro a 60km da loja mais próxima que é feia sem novidades e promoções....)trate de costurar muito e mais bonito do que seus trabalhos postados aqui,que são lindos e bem feitos.QUERO SUPERAÇÃO!!!!É tão bom brincar com quem tá feliz com cupons e descontos.Beijos e Bençãos para toda família.,

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