Monday, April 16, 2012

Granny's Gone Wild

It's been a little bit since I have shown off my Granny Squares.  We are going soon to take and show Baby Julia her Great Grand Mothers she has 2 of them alive both in the mid to late 80's and we are making them each a quilt.  I am sure they will love seeing the baby more then the quilt but they get to keep the quilt I am taking the baby home with me.

I had debated many times how to quilt this quilt.  I have tried FMQ a few times and all I end up with is a mess.  I took one of the many fugly runners yet to be quilted and for about an hour tried to FMQ it and then just gave up.

I asked my daughter to bring me a plate and she kept asking what I wanted on it.  I did not want any thing finally in puzzlement she brought me a plate.
I had seen a tutorial for Baptist Fans and thought maybe that could be done.  So using the plate I traced a pattern on the back of my fugly runner and ran 5 rings around the center (just small to big circles)  I showed my wife and her response was can you do spirals?
So I gave a spiral a try I did not want to do any more of my fugly runners wanted to save them for other FMQ tires (I am going to figure out how its done, but it might kill me)  So I started.  I realized soon after that it was a 2 man job.  I did not have any more men around so I let Tanya help!

I think my spirals turned out pretty good just don't look to hard at the center picked it out after the try to the right was done and did it again (and it looked worse the 2nd time) So I kept it.  You know men don't tell them something is wrong they don't care.

Here are some close ups of the twirls you can see the center in the light blue pictures (you will have to look at them large though to see my terrible spiral start)

You might be able to see some of the detail better here on the backs.

April Finishes

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Ok - now with a close up of your machine - you are working with a walking foot - which for straight lines is wonderful. You need to research what FMQ foot you need for your machine - it is a totally different type of foot that 'floats' on top instead of clamping things down. I think you will find it most helpful in your quest to FMQ.

Gene Black said...

Richard you CAN do FMQ. I suspect your analytical brain is hindering your progress. You have to find a flow and tune out the part of the brain that analyses every detail. Listening to instrumental music can help - something sweeping and romantic rather than crisp and precise.
Honestly, that tiny machine is not making it any easier. if you can find a way to afford a machine with a bigger throat area, it will help (you need both hands on the surface of the quilt -and your big man hand will barely fit in that throat space on that machine.) Watch some videos of other people doing FMQ and don't expect to be as good as them the first run thru. It is one of those things that develops gradually.

Teresa in Music City said...

Richard good for you for keeping at it and continuing to learn FMQ!!! It's a skill that has to be learned like anything else, but you can do it! I think your spirals are an excellent start! Listen to Sharon's tip too and make sure you have a FMQ foot and drop those feed dogs :*)

Samantha said...

I had a horrible time with FMQ also, until I watched some video tutorials by Leah Day. She really breaks it down and makes it easy to understand how to do it.

You can do it! Don't give up. I'm still not great at it, but after checking out several tutorials and watching a few of Leah's videos I'm getting better finally. :)

Danih03 said...

Yep, i highly recommend Leah Day too! You will see your FMQ skills improve in a VERY SHORT time!!!!

Cherie said...

The quilting looks great! Love the pattern you went with! =D

Quiltn Mama said...

Don't give up on FMQ!! When I first started, it was extremely frustrating, but I learned to loosen up (remember, a margarita helps tremendously) and found it to be alot of fun. Hang in there, Richard!

Anonymous said...

Richard, I am so in awe of you! You just keep going, like that little engine that could! I love what you did, and the great grandma will, too.

Karen said...

Wow, I really like the spiral quilting you did! I think it's a great contrast to the geometric shape of the granny squares. I'm sure once you get the hang of FMQ you'll do amazing things!

Shannyn said...

Hiya Richard! FMQ is my go-to for quilting these days; I love it.

Start by practicing just doodling on a pad of paper when you're watching TV or at work; swoops and swirls and whatever patterns you like. Then yes, def get a Open Toe Foot (I got a universal one at a shop for like, ten bucks) and it's the Best Thing Ever.
With that foot and your doodling practice, you'll be FMQ'ing in no time!

Donna said...

Hi Richard - First of all, you are an amazing quilter and I can't believe how much you get done! I must have been meant to read your blog because I tried FMQ (took lessons but was too afraid to try it) and picked out a huge quilt top I'd made to be my first project. Of course, I'll be unpicking most of what I quilted because it's a total disaster, and I was very discouraged today. On reading your blog about you trying FMQ, I realized I wasn't alone and I can't give up but just need lots more practice on small things. Just wanted to let you know you really encouraged me to stick with it! Thanks so much for sharing. Donna

Elizabeth said...

I KNOW I read this post when you posted it. How did I not comment? Der.

Anyway, great job with the spirals! And I LOVE the pretty, rainbow-y front! What a great quilt and I love the name -- so clever! Congrats on another great finish and thank you for linking up!

xo -E

P.S. FMQ totally takes practice. Check with the quilt shops near youto see if they have a beginning machine quilting class. Brooke's in Bountiful, might be a good choice, or there is a shop in Wood's Cross up the street from the Village Inn. I can't remember the name. Sorry, that's not much help. The Shop Hop is coming up in June, so if you can get a hold of a flyer, they'll list most of the quilt shops near you and you can check with them to see if they have a class. The key to FMQ is to learn to do smooth, round shapes. Doodle on paper LOTS. I have notebooks that I always doodle in. Practice doing a meader/stipple on five or six sheets of notebook paper to get that round shape into your head. Make it as small as you can, and even if you can't quilt that small, it will help you when you actually do it on fabric. This is something to do during church ;). I keeps you awake and you can still listen while you doodle. Once you've done it a lot on paper, then try it on a quilt. If you can master the meander/stipple, then you can do other things as well.

Lorna McMahon said...

"I did not have any more men around" - You slay me!

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