Monday, April 9, 2012

Quarter 2 2012 Finish-A-Long

Reading Posts today I found this and decided I have a pile of things on the list that needs finishing and a excuse to do them. So first off linking to 2012 Finish Along with this button.

1) Rebecca's Sampler Started January still not finished.

2) Jeans for Jared Started January, Worked on in March still unfinished

3) Blue Hearts started January still not finished

4) Diamond Quilt Top

5) First of 2 Granny Squares top

6) Kathy's Quilt Top

7) 2nd Granny Square Top

8) Orange Quilt Top

9) John Deer Quilt

10) Case Quilt
Material Bought and Some square sewn but nothing more

11) 2 Blue, 2 Purple Baby Quilts.
the purple material left is for girl baby quilt (one done 1 to go) right is for 2 boy baby quilts.  3 reds in middle is for the Case quilt, and the John Deer quilt is the green material in the back.

Wow too many projects that I am working on (and sadly their are about 4 others just no pictures and too tired to think what they are but I never realized I had so many projects going but now I am committed I have to finish them the quarter.)


Anonymous said...

You've been quilting 4 months and have almost as many UFOs as I do! LOL. You really ARE ADHD! I love it. You really throw yourself into things, and that's a good thing.

Pat Merkle said...

Man-o-man, impressive collection of UFOs (in such a short amount of time!)

Cherie said...

I'm sure you'll get all that done and more =D

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