Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another day and another rag quilt

Here is the newest stack of things I have been sewing.  My son decided to take more pictures of Julia tonight and he snapped a couple of me.  You will notice in the bottom corner of the above picture the corner of one of the "Man Quilts" I have sewed the last 2 of them together.  They are now in the hands of the cutter (Tanya my wife) She has one about half done at the rate she is cutting it will be done by Saturday.

This project I am working on is 2 rag quilts done in all John deer materials.  The material has been around for a month and a half and its part of my no more buying stuff tell some of the current projects are finished kicks.

Speaking of Tanya here she is hard at work on her most recent project.  For some reason I get more comments on her project lately then mine.

Tanya while I was at work today got some pictures of Julia and posted them on Facebook today to celebrate her 1st week birthday.  Ack I am already celebrating weird dates.  Speaking of Celebrating Tanya and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this year by taking Julia to the Dr and getting her arm checked out Go here for more info about her arm. And then Eating fast food.  I think this is the first year we did not do something more exciting.  Its funny how your priority's can change

Last but not least my oldest son decided to hold his sister tonight and does it not figures that she would just scream bloody murder poor James.


Cherie said...

Can't wait to see the finished rag quilt..knowing you it'll be done by tomorrow =D

Anonymous said...

You are chugging right along. How come Tanya wasn't sleeping in that picture? She has to be exhausted! It's only been a week!

Janet said...

Julia is so sweet! Thanks for sharing your brand new baby with us.

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