Saturday, March 24, 2012

Been Puzzled

 Been Puzzled is my newest finish.  I completed this quilt to donate to my son Jared's school (that is Jared on the quilt) he goes to a Autistic school he has Asperger's Syndrome this quilt is being donated to help earn some money for needed supplies at his school
 Jared was quite happy that he got the job of laying on the quilt for me.  He is such a great kid.
 Here is the quilt hanging over the fence which I got distracted in the middle of my photo shoot when I realized.
 That our tree's are starting to bloom.  This is a mixed tree that has apricots and nectarines.  I also have a couple peach trees and a apple tree and one more apricot tree.  So far this is the only one blooming but the peach tree's are close last year a late weird winter early spring killed almost all of the peaches so I am hopping to have more luck this year.
 Now back to my quilt here is one shot no kid so you can see the whole pattern.  I forgot to take a shot up close of the binding but its a stripped pattern with little dots in it quite cute.
 After taking pictures of the quilt I ventured into the front yard to see how my wife's tulips are doing and out of the hundreds that are out their the first 2 blooms are out.
 We have a few of our daffodils still around my wife planted 75 and we only have a handful left but this is the 3rd one I have seen this year.  Its only inches off the ground so I had to take a funky angle shot of it.
 While looking for new signs of life I found these cute purple flowers growing in the lawn not in the flower bed where they were they were suppose to reside.
 But I did find a dandelion my son's favorite flower which my wife cant stand.  So while she is pregnant and not in the mood to frolic in the lawn he better go out and enjoy it.
 My wife put up her first decoration since Christmas so she is alive.  Speaking of the wife Tanya is still pregnant but desires not to be.  My guess for the baby to be born was today and Tanya's guess was yesterday so we will not be winning the quilts. (not that we were in the running) I cant remember for sure but I think we are past all my other kids guesses also.  So they say no news is good news.  But for us its no news is sad as we are sitting around with no plans waiting for Julia to join us.
Oh ya forgot to show off the back so here it is.  I had measured and bought the correct length for the back and when doing the blocks on front suggested to wife that we had extra and could border the blocks on front with left over back material.  As you can see with my 2 purple stripes I um miss calculated.  Oops!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Sweet quilt - and there are no oops - it's called 'design choice'!

Terri said...

We are transplants from WI now living in CA, where there are fewer dandelions... we call them WI orchids, because there they bloom profusely like orchids in the tropics. You've gotta admit, they are a cheery flower when there is no others in sight.
Fun quilt. Hope there is a bidding war for it.

Karen said...

Coincidentally I was looking for jigsaw puzzle quilt patterns online this week... yours is great and I love the puzzle fabric around the edge. :o)

Cherie said...

Great quilt!! Shame about your guesses you definitely won't be winning your quilts =P
The decoration is soo cute! I want the bunny! Love all the flower pics!
The quilt back adds to the jigsaw style! =D

Carla said...

What a great quilt and cause! It definitely looks like spring!

Elizabeth said...

I like the purple stripes on the back. I never would have guessed it wasn't intentional. I love how this quilt came out and I especially love the stripey binding! Jared is such a cute, er, I mean handsome and manly boy. We have lots of fun things peeking up out of the dirt too. Spring is awesome.

Also, I hope Tanya has the baby soon!

xo -E

P.S. You're all linked up now. Thanks so much!

Ivory Spring said...

Love that quilt! You did a great job. I hope baby comes soon for your wife's sake... :)

Unknown said...

Love the quilt! It is so bright & cheery. And your son is a handsome lad too.
There is a week left before the birth date that I guessed. For your wife's sake, I hope I don't win and Julia is born soon cause I know that those last few days of waiting are nerve wrecking.

ThreeOldKeys said...

you have these 5 things:

a wonderful quilt with a lovely surprise backing.

a generous spirit to donate it to the best cause ever.

a sweet young guy to pose and smile for your pictures ... he looks great on all those colors!

lots of cheerful spring blooms.

my best wishes to your wife and your new baby -- how thrilling for your whole family!

Theresa said...

oh yay Richard...your peaches are coming! Maybe Julia's middle name can be 'blossom' seeing as that's what's happening your side of the world. Hope all goes well from here! T.

Kathy S. said...

Great quilt for Jared's school! It's awesome.

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