Monday, March 26, 2012

Julia's almost here

While I packed her quilt into the car today for those that are not sure what this quilt is its called Train Wrek it was my 4th Quilt that I made and first one I planned ever to make.  It is for Julia.  It was for her and my desire to have quilts for her that I started this crazy journey  3 1/2 months back.  We went to the last Dr apt today and he has scheduled a date.  So I will not take any more guesses, but we are far from determined on the date/time or the weight of this baby.

The plan is for Tanya to be started Tuesday night with a hopeful delivery date of Wednesday the 28th.  If my rough guess is correct their are 4-5 people in the running to win on that date.  My plan is if you get with in 30 min of the correct time or closest one to that time if more then one in the 30 min time you won.  If no one is within 30 minutes since there is at least one guess of a date with out a time (and I was not well to explain that in the post that you should have both) then I will put any one with the date alone and any one with in 12 hours of the birth time into a hat (so if she is born at 11pm and you guessed 6am the next day your still in the draw etc) and will have Jared draw like my last 2 drawings.  Right now its down to as I said 4-5 people.

In addition I had the ability that you could have more then 1 guess if you met the criteria.  Some people put in multiple times with out giving a diffident date or time so each of those guesses will count as one name in the hat.

Any way good luck to all that are potential in the running.  On birth weight I we will do the closet in ounce's to the birth weight if their is more then one equally close (or exact) we will put their names in the hat and draw.  The Dr said it will be a big baby but not too big.  So no clue what that means so every one will just have to wait to see who is in the ball park on weight.

I will post a picture here when she is born but the bulk of pictures and info will be on Julia's blog at and I will post there as we get closer to this thing happening.

Thanks for all the well wishes to us and our family were excited about this.


beaquilter said...

good luck to you both, is this your first?? so she's being induced on that date? that's often in the morning, like 8am or 10am, and if it's her first, then she might not deliver until the next day??

Jenny Lynn said...

Best wishes. Such an exciting time for everyone.

Irina said...

I hope it all goes nice and smoothly!

Quilty Conscience said...

I so excited for you! And I love that you started quilting because of her! That is very special. Warm Hugs to all. Toni

VickiT said...

And is your wife already sitting in the car waiting to go? Or did she start walking already? LOL

GOOD LUCK! And congratulations on getting a time to get this thing over with for her! Of course, that just starts the no sleep for anyone in the house routine but it's still MUCH better than to be carrying that wonderful baby.

I know my date/time guess is gone so I'm still crossing my fingers on the weight. I think doctors are still just making a stab in the dark guess for the most part because our Granddaughter born just 6 weeks ago was supposed to be over 8.5 lbs. according to the high risk OB she had been seeing and her own OB doc. Alexia arrived at a trim and petite 6lb 5oz. soooooo even though her doc is telling her a large but not too large baby, I'm still crossing my fingers for my guesses. :)

LuAnn said...

Best wishes to you and your family. Will be thinking about you.

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