Saturday, March 10, 2012

Giveaway Quilt Top Finished

The original plan was to make 3 granny quilts and 1 5 X 5 quilt for myself.  In my zeal to make blocks, I well did not think far enough ahead and/or calculate the size of the blocks versus the size of the quilt.  My wife, Tanya and I sat down the other night and went though the huge pile of blocks and realized that I was 2 colors short of making 1 5 X 5 block quilt for me.  We then sorted though the Granny Blocks and realized if I did 2 blocks of each color group (20 blocks in quilt so 2 of each of 10 different colors)  that I was 4 reds short, and 1 purple and 1 green of making my 2 Grandmothers their quilts.  Then I realized I was 17 blocks shy of making my give away quilt
 At about this time, Tanya pointed out the huge pile of extra 5 X 5 blocks.  Making 2 more red blocks would give me my 12 color for my quilt. The 12th leftover block and enough blocks for 2 instead of 1 quilts. Since I have now totally lost the Granny love (To complete the 4 quilts that will be 1000 2 1/2 inch blocks for the Granny's and 600 2 1/2 inch blocks I sewed for the 5X5).  The 1600 blocks that I have sewed  is enough, I am done.
 Granny's are out of my system.  I have 2 blocks left to make, the green and purple that I was short and I am done. Now that the end is in sight, its time to start sewing these things all together.  Tanya and I went shopping today and bought 2 types of white fabric for the borders and the back.  Then I bought, some while I'm going to keep it a secret for now, binding fabric to bind my 4 quilts.  The plan is Saturday to quilt and maybe bind the quilt top here, for one of the 4 quilts in the Giveaway for Julia's B-Day and Birth Weight.  That will leave 1 quilt to do.
   Not to be out done, my wife has been sewing up blocks for rag quilts that took a creative turn today when I found something in Joann's. The Man Quilt with a huge twist, for the 4th quilt will also get done this weekend.  All four of the giveaway quilts should be ready before the baby gets here.  Tanya has been counting down the days, 20 days from now (OK 19 by the time most of you read this) until her official due date.
For any one who has not yet put your guess in, please go now and put your guess in to win one of these 4 wonderful quilts.

Oh and here is the red set of blocks and 4 more extra granny's that I completed. I will have I think 8 spare granny blocks when all is said and done. I may have to do a give away or something to get some one to take this obsession away from me, because I am done with it for this month.

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Doniene said...

You guys are doing a wonderful job!! So motivated!!! Makes me feel like a "slackard"!!

Have a great weekend!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow.! That's all I can say. Love all those pretty colors! And what a huge amount of work!

I love that you and Tanya make this a team sport!

xo -E

Mike Pearson said...

Love rainbow coloured quilts !!!

LuAnn said...

Well you two sure have been busy, and I love it all. I love those 25patch blocks. I haven't made any of the granny square blocks yet, but I sure love yours. Your fabric combinations are just great!

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