Monday, March 19, 2012

Jeans For Jared Part 2

Some of you that have been following along for a while might remember my post, Jeans For Jared one of the first quilts I started to make.  It was a  patch work quilt made out of Levis the picture to the right shows the image from that post over 2 months ago.  I can not believe 2 months has come and gone.  Jared has not let me forget his Jeans.  A few other bloggers have sent me some jeans scraps.  I thought I had posted about them, but can't seem to search my own site and find them.  Any way thank you for all those of you that have sent me some scraps.  About a week ago I got a big kick in the butt from Elizabeth at Such a Sew and Sew she offered me a box of jeans if I would pay the shipping.  I have not yet blogged about it this last week (been a bit busy getting all the last minute things done to be ready for the baby), but Jared has not give me 2 seconds of time between yelling Jeans for Jared work on my quilt.
Along with the pants from Elizabeth I have some from my mother and brother so I hope that I can get a good chuck of it sewed this week and maybe get it finished sooner than later.  The plan is to hand tie the quilt and put green minky on the back if we can find it.  That is Jared's favorite color.

Today was what my wife and I hoped to be last Dr apt before the baby comes.  Sadly the Dr told my wife that she was still only dilated to a 1 and that she needed to come back next Monday.  She was hoping to be told that she is much farther along with a chance to have her this week some time (which if you saw my family's baby guesses is when we thought she would come). While its possible to have the baby before the next Dr apt, its highly doubtful and my wife is quite depressed about it.
 On a more happy note the 4 quilts are done for my contest and their is nothing I need to do to be ready for the baby other then to wait.
 I handed the quilts to my son James and told him to take them outside and get some pictures with them together. What he came up with made me giggle.
 He tossed all 4 out on the lawn and then walked around them taking pictures from different angles.
Any way as a reminder if you pick the correct birth date and time or pick the correct birth weight for Julia's birth one of these 4 quilts will be yours.  The 2 winners will each get to send me their first and second choices (in case they both want the same quilt).
Then I will ship the quilt to you anywhere in the world.  It will be hard to part with these quilts, I have grown attached to them.  I think having Julia in my arms will make it a little easier to give away.  For those that are curious the 2 remaining quilts, will be donated to the Girls Camp Auction.  This is held each year to raise money for the girls at church to go to girls camp .  My daughter Rebecca is part of this group.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of the quilts. If I win one, it will be hard to pick. Jeans for Jared is going to be a great quilt. If you can't find green minkee, why not go for green flannel?

Gene Black said...

Hmm. tell your wife to start dilating faster! Otherwise she will never make my March 22nd time.

Cherie said...

Love the quilts! They looks amazing out in the sun =D

Needled Mom said...

Jered's jean quilt is going to be wonderful. I saw green Minky fabric at Joanns last week.

Watch Julia go overdue since everyone is expecting her early!! Your poor wife. Those last few weeks are so difficult.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

James took some great pictures. Glad that quilt is done for Jared. Sorry for your wife. Been there, done that. Hopefully the baby comes sooner than later.

Elizabeth said...

Jared's jeans quilt is going to be great! Green minkie on the back? You can't beat that!

And the pictures James took of the quilts are fun. Whoever wins is going to be lucky to get one of them.

Hang in there Tanya! We're all rooting for you.

xo -E

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