Friday, March 23, 2012

A Win, A winner, and A Complete all in ONE!

 First off I won this prize to the right.  The picture is misleading the kindle was not in the case (that is my son's kindle) but I won this kindle case from  I was lucky enough to win this fantastic kindle case.  The best part is Tanya and I have been talking about buying Rebecca a Kindle for her Birthday in April so she will not only get a Kindle but a wonderful case to fit it in.
 (Keep it quiet though she does not know, hope she does not read my blog today)
The blog hop has officially come to a end.  This time around my wife was so excited she did all the heavy lifting for me (writing down all the names cutting them up and tossing them in a bowl).  She did this last night so that all she had to do was pull them today.
 Here they all are in the bowl.
 Jared reached in and grabbed one.
 Hum cant read this with out squinting.  Oh Dots and Flowers is the winner.  I did not even realize this until my wife pointed it out but I am a winner too as that was my example in my instructions.  So sadly I do not get any thing except a kiss from my wife and she has been stingy with those lately so that's a good thing.
 So after going though the list twice my wife determined that Debra Lee and Janet (not counting me) were the only 2 to guess Dots and Flowers.  So she wrote down their names and tossed them into the bowl.
 Here they are in the bowl!
At this point I am sure the drama of 100 pictures are getting to some but its all part of the process.
YEA!!!!!! Debra Lee is our winner.  Her website is Easily Distracted Debra  Go visit her site and congratulate her.  I will be emailing her shortly.
Last but not least its BINGO time.  While in may it will be BINGO time.  But you need to have your card done early so do not delay.  This is a chance for prizes and fun please come join in.  All part of May For me so go check it out and join us.
Here is my back.  My bingo text was done with my walking foot on (was too lazy to take it off) so the machine kept fighting me and some of the letters are a tad wonky but that's good for BINGO!

March Finishes


Cherie said...

Love the case! Congratulations on winning it. The Bingo card looks great! =D

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations to Debra Lee! Great giveaway!

Great Bingo card! I love those fun fabrics, and I especially like the stripey rainbow binding!

You're all linked up -- not sure what was wrong, but it is working now.

xo -E

VickiT said...

Congratulations to your win and to those who were winners of your giveaway. Great looking Bingo card too. I still need to get mine made. Have my fabrics as well as those Marcia sent to me because she's super nice like that but didn't expect hand surgery this week either so yea, hopefully I'll be able to do some next week I HOPE.

And I am seriously crossing my fingers that you and your wife are at the hospital tonight and that your baby will be born in about 2 1/2 hrs or so since this is the day I chose as my 2nd guess. I KNOW your wife would be happy if I was right. LOL

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