Saturday, March 10, 2012

Whats Black and White and Red All Over?

When I think of that question my first thoughts are grade school and the first thing that comes to mind is a Skunk in a blender.  But my wife does not approve of that one so I guess a News Paper will work for a more safe answer.  When I asked Jared the same thing he came running into the room with this item on the left.  So today's teaser is my newest rag quilt.  It will be another giveaway choice.  So now 2 of our giveaway quilts are finished and 2 of them are on the home stretch.  After making this post and making a post on Julia's blog (oh did I mention the cute little one has her own blog?)  Tanya had a baby shower and with in an half hour of this post, I should have a baby shower post up there.  There are some cute posts from my kids to their yet to be born sister.  For those that will later want to see pictures of Julia I will put some here but most of the pictures will go there.  So you may want to book mark it.
My newest rag quilt (name not quite decided, but close) will have our red paisleys.  As I hinted yesterday while at Joann's I finally found more of that fabric and I bought every inch they had, which was just shy of 2 yards.  They also had flannel on sale and bought some red for one of the other projects still sitting on hold.  Its the Case Equipment quilt, but before I got home from work had the bright idea to combine the paisleys and the red as a sandwich and then random light's and dark's from my Man Quilt stash (figure we can spruce up them a little) after all Paisley Parade was a popular quilt.
While writing this post my sons cat Chubby Wubby decided to knock something off the dresser and that just deserved a picture.
At the baby shower one of the many things Tanya got were these 2 burp cloths.  Not that my wife's were not wonderful but these are amazing.  I am not a hand sewer or crocheter but these are just fantastic.
These are the back's and front's of both of them.
Both are frogs and both are very cute cant believe I cant wait for them to be thrown up on.  The joys of parenthood.
One last reminder is Julia's blog and I will post the pile of gifts and a couple pictures of my wife over there in just a bit.

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Cherie said...

Love the quilts! The Burp cloths are soooooo cute! The fabric is adorable!

Anonymous said...

A sunburned zebra. But your son's answer is quite good and he's a real cutie pie! Love to have him in primary class. =)

Snoodles said...

LOL Cute post, and the burp cloths are so sweet! By Case Equipment do you mean the tractor company? We have an old (1960's) model farm tractor made by Case that we still use here on the farm. That is when it's running. :)

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