Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Hexy or Not To Hexy That is the question

I won some Hexagons from the Leap Day blog hop.  I find these giveaways so much fun.  Each and every one that I have won and those that I have given give me a chance to try something new.  I have not been quilting all that long so every thing is new and exciting to me.  Polka Dot Classic is where I won this most recent Item.  It is a set of 88 1 inch Mylar Hexagons.  My wife started researching this when she found out I won and even then was some what confused.  I was so happy to find that Marta made me one flower as an example.  My daughter Rebecca also loved these and want to give them a try.  I don't think I could make a full size quilt out of these but I love applique and these would be fun to make and applique onto a quilt top.  So look forward to these showing up some time in the future in my work.

It was funny about 5 minutes after I wrote my last post on the Burp Cloth Tanya made she came in and dropped this one on my desk.  I can tell she is getting baby hungry.  She did this one rag style so we had to wash it once before taking the first picture.  The borders around and though the middle are created with one of the many decorative stitches that we have on our sewing machine.  It turned out amazing.  The stitch looks like a diamond it goes out and in and then back out to the next diamond.  She sewed it with a multi colored thread that is changing colors.  Any way congrats to Tanya.  She made me promise not to link this post to any sites I was suppose to promise the same thing on the last one but got busted linking it to Such A Sew in Sew on her monthly finish drawing.  Oops.  Better to ask forgiveness then... oh wait I was told before hand not to link it so um that does not work.  So here is my public apology for it.  Please post and tell her how wonderful they look she thinks they did not turn out wonderful and I am so happy with them.

Love You Tanya your the best and I am proud of every thing you do. And every thing you do for me.


Cherie said...

Hexies are great to do. They take a while to tack then you have to sew them together in a very specific way. I'm making a pillow case with my Hexies.
The burp cloth is cute!! I love the fabric! =D

Lisa Cox said...

You must tell her that the burp cloths are adorable. Much better than I could do, and something that I would never even have thought of.

Mm said...

looks like you and I are mixed up. I always wanted to learn to work on cars with dad and of course did not get to as much as my brother. ha ha. I was checking out your quilts and they are all nice. I don't have time for it myself with 8 kids. following you with GFC. I might actually learn something myself.

Anonymous said...

I am crazy about hexagons! If one of you decides to work with them, you should join my

The burp cloth looks great! The choice to use the variegated thread was inspired. It looks great on that fabric. I'm with Richard on this one. These are great!

PolkaDotClassic said...

Glad you liked it. :)
Here is the link for a tutorial for the hexie flowers
Trust me once you figure out on how to make them you will not stop at just one. ;)
See you in bogland

PolkaDotClassic said...

Blogland. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Tanya, you did a beautiful job! Love the colors and the decorative stitching is a nice finishing touch.

Also, so jealous you won those Hexies. I really wanted them. But, I hope you have lots of fun. Hexies are awesome.

xo -E

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