Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It was bound to happen.  I came home from work to find Tanya sewing.  OK she was not actually sewing, when I came home more like crying.  Tanya made us a burp cloth.  She sewed the outside edge flipped it inside out and then was going to put a decorative trim around it.
 She set the machine to the decorative stitch hit the peddle and SNAP! She broke a needle.  Not to be set back, she quickly swapped the needle and SNAP!  This is of course where I come in with her crying.  Last night when sewing I put my 1/4 inch foot on.  She not even knowing what that thing is.  She did not know that if she did a stitch that the needle moved back and forth would have to put the normal foot back in.

Needless to say I came to the rescue, such a good husband I am (yes I am sucking up for every ones love) and swapped her foot and helped her sew.
 We are now the proud owner of a burp cloth with a pretty little edge around it.
 I tried to convince my wife that I could slap one of my cool labels on it and she explained to me that I don't need it thrown up on so no label.
 Not to be totally out done I did get some brown granny squares in and some 5 X 5 blocks done.

If you look close though at the top right block on the bottom left corner I messed up the out side edge making one of my lighter tans end up on the out side edge.  Oh well.  I do have 4 more piles of squares to sew up tonight so once I get done posting this off to work I go.

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Glad you came to the rescue Richard! Tanya made some cute burp cloths and your blocks look great to me!

Sue Daurio said...

Richard to the rescue, do you have a cape with a big red Q on it? Love the granny squares and the burp cloths.

Cherie said...

What a great husband coming to rescue your wife's rescue. The burp cloth is soo cute!! Love the granny squares. I have like 3 brown fabrics in my stash and not big pieces either HA! =D

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Yea Tonya! Gonna make a quilter out of her yet!

Elizabeth said...

Tanya, you did a beautiful job on the burp cloth! I love those pretty colors and the cupcakes are just so cute!

xo -E

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