Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winner's Almost Announced!

This morning I got up early and started totaling up the numbers.  Because I can never be simple I will start this post out and give Numbers as I eye balled them this morning at 6am on quilts.  Then I will write down all of the quilt names put them in a bowl and let my son pick them.  There was a hand full of people that did not correctly pick a quilt name.  I will assign each entry to my favorite quilt so those people will still have a chance.  I worked from 9 am to 10 pm last night moving work from one office to another in a snow storm so kinda tired and can't think all that well this morning.

So first thing I went though all of the 65 posts yesterday and I believe I emailed every single person back  If I missed any one please forgive me.  Now for a run down of which quilt is most popular bassed on user choice.  The exact numbers may be off it was 6 am after all when I wrote this but it should be close.

Flight of the Dragonfly 16
Dance of the Dragonfly 9
Fug Runner 7
Dad's Zag Zag 7
A Few Of my Favorite things 4
Hearts and Flowers 4
Dragonfly 3 (these lucky guys I will toss their name into both of the dragonfly quilts if they are drawn)
Train Wrek 3 (Come to think about it This is my favorite so if any one did not have a valid quilt name they are going to be auto entered into this one since I like it best)
Blue Hearts 3 (These are blocks not a quilt so will also toss them into Train Wrek)
Paisley Parade 2
Green Quilt of Awesomeness 2 (Jared will be disappointed this did not win I will not tell him before he draws so he does not fish for it haha)
Hearts and Flowers (2) 1
Sweet Dreams 1

And the first up to win is..... Dance of the Dragonfly!!

You will notice here in our live action shots that even our judges Mouse and Bowl are green.  You would not believe how disappointed he was that he did not draw out the Green Quilt of Awesomeness and the winner was...... Hearts and Flowers 2

If my counting was Correct Dance Got 9 votes plus the 3 that liked them both (almost like they were cheating hu?)  So 12 people are in the draw for First place.  Its already 7:30 so by the time I get the list written out and put into a bowl it will be too late to draw and not get Jared to School in time so tonight after work we will finish that part.  As for Hearts and Flowers 2 there was only one person that picked that one and I will I hope find some time at work to email her and she can pick 6 choices in order that she likes (If winner #1 picks a item its theres) the #2 gets the next 3 choices.

So If you are in the first Group get your choices warmed up and Ill be emailing and posting the lucky winner tonight after work.  I may be home late we are moving again today, so not sure how late I will have to work tonight.

To Recap First Place Winner gets to pick 3 items.  The 2nd Place Winner gets to pick 3 items from whats left over.  7 of the 8 items listed below.  8th choice is a Small Table Runner Hand Made by me.


Irina said...

uh-hu! how exciting!!! I chose the Dance of the Dragonfly as my favourite!
oh dear... I'm going to bed now, so I'll pop in again in the morning!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Thanks so much for a great giveaway Richard!

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