Sunday, February 26, 2012

The addiction has expanded!

Having one sewing machine in the house is not working, so we have Expanded a little. We have been looking into getting a 2nd machine and my wife has been reading, looking, and pondering what to buy. This machine was on sale at Hancock fabric and my wife decided to buy it. We went to get it last night and got there too late, so we went this morning.  My wife went with me for fear that I would come home with the embroidery machine I keep talking about.

Rebecca quickly put it to use and made this doll a bed complete with a brand new quilt.  She first made a pink block for Julia, our not yet born new one. You can see it on the left of the picture below.  Then she made a pillow.  Then she made a mattress.  Then getting bold she decided to make a quilt.  She had originally planned to just make 2 pieces of material and sew them together.  I talked her into a little bit more fancy and it turned out fantastic.

One last picture of Becca while sewing.  She plans to make a post on her new sewing blog in the morning, but it got too late.  I could not resist posting about it first, so some time Sunday I will give a link to her complete post.

Just so you all don't think I am sleeping all day, I have been sorting, cutting and piecing together granny square blocks and some 5 by 5 color coordinated blocks.  Like normal I can't do things simple.  My plans are to make 2 quilts out of the granny square blocks.  Fitting for the name, the plan is to give them to our Grandmothers.  Both Tanya and I, have one living grandparent each and that is a grandmother on each side. I plan to make them each a lap quilt.

Oh the green ones by way were Saturday night and the purple ones some how missed getting posted from Friday night.

Oh and if not enough other things happened today I also got some mail from Karen at she sent me some denim to add to Jared's quilt.  Jared was pleased to see it and of course asked me when it will be done.  I have gotten totally distracted and not worked on it in a month.  So it seems that soon I need to put more of a effort into it.  The plan for the Denim quilt is to tie it after I get the top sewed together.  Because of the weight, the plan is hand tie the quilt, the way my mom did when I was a kid.  When I started this adventure a month ago, I did not realize you could do it all on a machine.  Anyway I got quilting frames from my mother in law, that was missing 2 boards and some clamps to clamp it.  I bought the boards and clamps today.  I am going to use the board to help me stretch out my next quilt and bast it on the quilting frames so I can try to get a little less pucker going.  My plan was today to quilt the fugly top I made last week, but it looks like it will be a Sunday project (if I go to bed this 12am posting is not going to be good on my sleep).

As a last quilting thought, a guy down the street from me created this cool tool which he sells for $20.  It helps you put the tacks in the old fashion quilting frames and pull them out. The tool on the left is a push tool that pops the tacks in and then you pry-bar them out with the bar on the right.  I also picked this up today.  If any one is interested in these little toys let me know and I'll get the guys contact info for you.

Just in case you think all I do is quilt (I do a lot of it but I do other things) I created a new blog to go along with my site which is designed to help track the TV shows you watch.  The blog is at  I am still setting it up and deciding what to do with it but it will be a place I can post about some of the more popular shows being tracked via my tracking site and info about those shows and a place where those interested in TV can talk about it.  Any way I have had a few comments about wow you do so much.  My quilting is just one of my passions.  TV is another (tracking it as much as watching it).  Also my wife and I are both involved in scouting.  My wife is a Webelos Scout leader in Cub Scouts and I am a 11 Year old Scout Leader (Webelos are 10 years old) and I have the 11 year old's the year later you can see one of the fun activities I did with the Cooking post I made last weekend on Beccas blog here along with pictures of our scout and my assistant leader. BBQ Chicken and Rice with the Scouts


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Since you are a Scouting family, check out Venturing before your kids turn 14 (the age they are eligible). It's for boys AND girls. We helped start one with our youngest son. He's now in Council and Area Venturing, too. Gotta find him a crew at his college this fall.

Janet said...

Richard, you and your family have certainly jumped on the quilting band wagon wholesale! Your grandmother blocks are very pretty.

Barb said...

Looks like two machines are not going to be are going to be machine poor before long...HA!!!

Snoodles said...

Love Rebecca's projects! They are so sweet, and pretty pinks - nice fabrics. Your grandmothers' blocks are wonderful...they will love those lap quilts!

Anonymous said...

Becca's project looks great! I want that link. I didn't see it in Sunday's post, but I'll go look again. Janome is a good brand. What luck to find a sale! The green squares are the prettiest ones. LOL Can you guess what my favorite color is?

Susan said...

Btw, that tool will be great. I have one I bought about 30 years ago, but it just pops the tacks out, still have to break your fingers pushing them in. Can you say very soft pine boards? =)

Elizabeth said...

LOVE your granny squares!

*walks away chanting, "I do not need another project!"*

xo -E

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