Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not So Fugly, Linky fails, and Quilts in progress.

 The Fugly party is over.  But was some of the most fun I have had in a while the Fugly Party was put on by Charmed About You.  70 diffident sites ended up linking up and giving away the fuglys.  I was lucky enough to win a handful of fuglys. 2 of them have shown up so far the set from the right from which was funny when my wife saw it she pipped in that those are not fugly and then proceeded to tell me the project I will make out of them.
 The second set of fuglys I received on the left are Christmas prints which my wife also could not believe some one called fugly came from Ella at Thank you both for these.  I believe that I won 3-4 more and will write more about those when they show up.
 My son Jared (7 years old) cat Cubby Wubby I found sitting on one of my newest quilts Flight of the Dragonfly and just had to take a picture of it as she is just a cute cat and she just will not approve any quilt so it must be pretty good.

Speaking of Finishes my Linky failed yesterday (I guess I was using a free Linky trial and it expired) its now up and working again please go link up your finishes for this last week mine will be linked up some time later today I have a couple blog posts for my various blogs to make first.
Link A Finish Friday #4

 This item to the left is a sneak peak of the center of one of the quilts we plan to offer for the Guess Julia's B-day and Birth weight giveaway.  My wife designed this quilt and created the center piece and I sewed it all together last night (it is a rag quilt and still needs to be cut up) will post a complete when its all washed up.  The plan as of right now is to make 3-4 quilts and then let the 2 winners pick the quilt they want as their win so that if you want a baby blanket you can have one if you would rather a lap quilt you can.  This quilt will be one of the choices.  I plan to make one of my Man Quilts as one choice also.  And possibly the quilt that I will be making the top today made from some of the Fugly wins above.  I have cut strips out and will be sewing them into blocks wife also designed this quilt and you will see more of it in a day or so.

Add your B-Day Guess for Julia here
Add your Birth Weight Guess for Julia here

To the right is my Fugly win stripped up my wife saw a quilt made out of a layer cake on The Fat Quarter Shop while she was buying her fat quarters last week.  I am taking loosely from that design and making a lap quilt out of these today.

Last but not least I posted a new entry today on my little girls blog.  BeccaCooks - Dutch Oven BBQ Chicken and Rice Scouting Style Please if you have time go check it out.  I created that blog so that my little girl could inspire and be inspired by others.  She would like to grow up and be a cook.


Cherie said...

You're right those fabrics aren't fugly It's amazing sometimes the fabrics people don't like.
Can't wait to see what you make with them =D

Also I'm holding a swap on my blog. If you're interested feel free to check it out =D"

Diane-crewe said...

I am always amazed at what some people call UGLY!! Good job we are not all the same xx

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