Friday, February 24, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

 Another finish for my wife Tanya and I, she is the one responsible for this quilt.  It was her idea and she sewed the X's in I believe most of the blocks.  I did sew all the blocks together though,  and she points out that the 3 blocks I managed to put side by side on the bottom 3 rows(all the same) was my fault not hers.  I did pretty good not getting others side by side.  The black ones that are side by side are different colors of black.  This will be for Tosha my wives's sister.  Tanya is the oldest in her family (Her dad calls her #1) So this quilt is for #2.  She is the mother of the girl that will get one of the Dragonfly Quilts.

The quilt has purple, black, butterfly's, and dragonfly's.  So Tanya called it "A Few Of My Favorite Things"
The back of this quilt is  roses that I first bought for my man quilts, but later was told by wife, not manly enough lol so they have been re purposed.
Ank my Block Partner sent me the below block.  She felt that the first block she sent was not as good as she desired so she sent this as a replacement.  I loved her first block and I love this one also its hard to tell but the background is a aqua or light green with purples It is totally beautiful

You can see the other block she sent on my block swap page. here

Tonight I did not get a lot done. I cut up some white squares for my granny square blocks I have been working on and was able to finish these 2 5 x 5 blocks in green and have the squares for 4 granny square blocks sitting next to the sewing machine.  I did not get a lot done tonight because I took Tanya, my wife, out to dinner to her favorite Mexican Restaurant Garcia's near Layton Hills Mall. I had the plan of afterwards going to buy a new smaller sewing machine that my daughter could use (and wife or me depending who is using the other). It was funny we got to Hancock Fabric 10 minutes after the store closed.  They have one on sale that my wife found and read the review on. It was kinda funny that we were just a few minutes too late to buy it.  So Rebecca (my daughter) and I  will go buy it in the morning.

One last thing remember to put your guess in for the baby quilt giveaway links for the 2 pages to put the guess on is found on top of menu on the right of the blog.

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Elizabeth said...

I see that your family has been bitten by the quilting bug, hard! Sorry you missed getting the new machine last night.

Love your new rag quilt! Congrats on a great finish to both you and Tanya! I love that you quilt together!

Ank's new block is as beautiful as the first one.

And I LOVE those green squares you put together. So much quilting going on at your house!

xo -E

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I see purple. Did you get to choose the colors?

Anonymous said...

Great swap block, and another quilt finish! Yay! So how's the new machine working out? A 2-machine family! There will be more, you know.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt and I really like your green blocks! Thanks for sharing!

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