Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Hot Pad day! -N- Giveaway Reminder!

 Before doing the binding on the flight of the dragonfly quilt I did 2 more hot pad bindings.  I did such a crappy job of it, I finally realized what I was doing wrong.  Flight of the Dragonfly benefited well from this disaster.

As you can see in the pictures, I did not even mange to keep them the same size.  I cant quite figure out what I did to make the one so much smaller then the other.  I guess they will work out well for lopsided pots.

On a good note I only have like 8 or so more hot pads to bind which means they should look a lot better then these 2 worked out.  I am giving them away as gifts (hum who too?) So I labeled them with my new boring label.  Tonight my wife had a stack of my black and white rag quilt blocks so I sewed them up. At the same time I noticed she is stealing some of my blocks and putting them aside to make a lap quilt for her sister.  So yet another project is started I think that's like 10 irons in the fire.  This quilting is serious to the addicting point.

Please do not forget if you have not yet, please use the 2 buttons on the top right of the blog to register you guesses for Julia's B-day and Birth Weight.  There are 4 diffident ways to get a guess so you can make 4 different predictions. Please get them in.  I am quite enjoying them.  I do prefer to be done with the delivery in the morning or early afternoon so all this guessing to have it like 3am is just plain bad luck.  Any way, don't hesitate you never know when this contest will end.  Though you can definitely make a guess or 3 of when that will be.

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Tiffany said...

Kudos to you for learning machine sewn binding. I still do all my binding by hand - I tried machine sewing it and I just can't quite get the hang of it. It always turns out crooked, and I miss spots. Maybe I just need to be brave and do a couple small projects and practice, practice, practice!

Karen Smith said...

If you want to do all machine binding and you're having a bit of trouble, here is a nice little tutorial that helped me out.

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Wow you just keep making more and more! That's what it is all about -- the list never ends! Everybody wants quilts!
I have just awarded you the Versatile Award on my blog at

Melissa said...

Sew Adorable! Thank you for linking up to the Valentine's Day Showcase After Party! Good luck!

Unknown said...

Yay! We are so lucky to be the recipients of 2 sweet potholders. Richard & Co. is awesome!

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