Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dads Zag Zag and a Broken Heart

My wife made me do it.  She forced me Saturday to finish my quilt.  I have been collecting Blacks, grays, and black on whites to make some quilts for my brother in laws and friends.  Paisley Parade was the first of those quilts completed.  Now mine is done.  I am sure there are some that look at my name and want to know if I typoed and No I didn't.  I dreamed up the pattern while dreaming one night and decided to go with a Zag and then another Zag for some reason it made a lot of sense while I was sleeping.  If you look at the quilt (Yes worst picture I have taken, but I have a cold and just not up to taking more.  I will take more photos later and post more. )  If you look at all the rows going at a diagonal to the right it goes down 4 blocks and then Zags to the left.  Then it goes down 5 blocks to the left and Zags again to the right.  This is I guess my gift from wife to me for Valentines.  She actually sewed the X's in a few of the blocks.  Any way one thing of note is on all the Zags that as colors come in from right and left none of the rows are repeated.  In total I believe their was 15 or 16 total blocks.  Quilt is 50 inches by 70 inches.  And will make me a great lap blanket.

But all was not grand when it came to my quilts existence. It has as of yet, only been washed once.  It really needs a 2nd time to make it shine.  Last night I had my son throw the quilt in the wash.  He asked if he could put any thing else in with it, wife said yes and off he went.  About 10 pm I went to put it in the dryer and the washing machine was not working, it was displaying a error code.  I am sure their are many out there saying I told you so.  Don't wash rag quilts in your own machine.  Any way I was up until after 2 am trying to figure out how and why it was not working and then ended up calling into work to get it repaired.

My wife stressed that the rag quilt broke the machine.  When the repair guy got here he told me the pump was broken and that he needed to replace it.  So he went back to his shop got the pump and came back.  After hours of stewing about it, he pulled the machine apart.  I expected to find parts of my quilt clogging up the machine.  But instead what I find is a broken heart.  Such a appropriate thing to do on the day before valentines.  So the machine died of a broken heart. (For those that are not yet understanding the reference) in the picture above you can see the pump and the Heart found in it that tore its heart out.

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Samantha said...

Another great finished quilt from you! I can't believe how much you get done. Our washer doesn't like when I wash scraps in it and I always have to pull the filter out to clean them out of it.

I awarded your blog an award. To see it you can visit my blog post about it here:


Congrats and I really enjoy your quilting adventures. Glad to see your wife is getting in on the act now also! :)

Elizabeth said...

Great quilt! Congrats on ANOTHER finish! Your rag quilts are so much fun.

xo -E

Belinda said...

Sorry about the broken heart, but the quilt is awesome!

Tiffany said...

Lovely quilt! I'm glad your quilt didn't gum up your washing machine!!! :D

Lynda said...

Great quilt and I'm sorry about your washer!

Susan said...

I can see the zig zag easily. Did your son put the heart in to wash it? I'm not getting the connection there. But it wasn't the quilt! =)

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

Awesome quilt. Rag quilts are scary to wash in your own machine.

Stopping by from Quilt Story's link-up.


Melissa said...

That's a great story! I'm glad it died of a broken heart and not due to quilt related factors!

ScrappyStuff said...

I've really enjoyed your blog - i followed it from a link on Thursday think tank, i think ;0)
... My husband made his first Rag quilt last year while recovering from heart surgery - so i thought your story was kind of fitting! ...
He started his 'first' quilt a few years ago, with a Hoffman Challenge - (*we never finished either mine/his). He kept giving me his 2c when i was making mine - i told him if he had so many ideas to start his own! .. he did. He has his 'own stash' too. (i dont' know where it is though! i think he is afraid i will borrow from it. thanks for sharing!

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