Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Direction, Easily Distracted

I never realized how exhausting it could be to just cut up little squares.  I have gone though about 2/3 of the scraps and left over stuff from other projects and made 2 1/2 inch blocks for my granny squares and also my 5x5 color blocks for 2 different quilts I want to make. 
 I don't have any where near enough variety yet to make a cool quilt but I have a ton of a few things (Green, Purple, Orange, Black/Gray's) I need a lot more of a few colors. 
 Good thing my wife has that huge FQ stack going to have to swipe some of it when she is not looking.  
My son Jared was trying to make a Fish with his wedgits and every time we went to take a picture it fell apart.  So just pretend that is a fish in the picture.  If you look over his left shoulder their is a sneak peak at Tosha's Rag quilt its a combo of purple and grays left over stuff from 3 previous quilts. 
Don't forget to stop by Friday and link up your finishes. I promise the Linky will work this week.
Also remember to put your guess in to win a quilt. 


Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I always underestimate how long cutting takes and how many scraps you need for a quilt! It's lucky you can raid your wife's stash :)

Elizabeth said...

Great fish, Jared!

Love your blocks! Way to capitalize on your scraps!

FYI, one of the blogs who will be linking up on Leap Day is going to give away a traveling stash box, so keep your eye out.

xo -E

Cherie said...

I know what you mean, cutting is sometimes the longest process of quilt making. Just try putting as many layers together as possible that can cut through without snagging at the sides

Mike Pearson said...

Sometimes it gets repetitive and boring, so I have to stop and do something else, like work on another project, or just start sewing some of the pieces together!!!

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