Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I do while I Quilt

For any one that does not know, my name is Richard Healey. I am by day a Programmer and by night a Quilter.  My favorite thing to do is program, I know I should not admit that on a quilting blog but it is.

I have created dozens of websites and one of them I would like to show off a little tonight. (To shamelessly convince you to try it)  Today I am working on my 2nd Dragonfly quilt and while I was watching TV (yes the site I want to tell you about is about TV Tracking, my 2nd favorite hobby next to quilting is watching TV)  I have created a site called 

 It is a free website designed for you, can guess it, tracking the shows that you watch. The first and most important thing to do is on the top right of the main page is the Login page and for any one new to the site is the "Register" Link.  This will create you a account to track your own shows.  You can do some things on the site without this account ,but with it you can do so many more things.  When logged in you can use the "Set Following" page to list and set shows you like.  You can also mark a show to follow from the show pages.  

There are many ways to get to those show pages, the simplest of which is the "Show Search" Link. Once on the show search page put in any text you want and search for a show you can see. I did a search for quilt and found a quilting show.  One of the neat things about my site is if it does not already have the show in the database, it will auto add it if the show already exists it will say go to show.

Once you have shows in your listing (when logged in) you will see some of the images below.  You can see what shows you have not seen yet in a series when that show next shows.  There is a quick list that will show you shows for the last week or 2 that are on your follow list, but not marked off yet.  It also has a calendar of when the next showing should be.

Any way when I quilt I watch TV.  Because I don't watch the same shows over and over, I track them.  Any way I hope that this is of some use to you all and if you give it a try and like it, hate it or other wise let me know.  I want to improve it and need input.  Any way here I go back to quilting my Dragonfly quilt. (Yes I know my pictures look like crap that's what you get with the snippet tool).


KaHolly said...

Sounds intriguing. I will check it out! I'm often looking for something to watch on my computer, and not being computer savvy, that's not always as easy task! ~karen

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