Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Today is going to be a Work In Progress Wednesday.   And will be linking up with Freshly Pieced. 

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

OK this is my first WIP so I am looking at Freshly Pieced listing for some good advice.  

Ongoing Projects:
Dayton's (My brother) Queen Sized Rag Quilt.  I have sewed together 10 rows long 14 wide (view-able block) about 7 1/2 inches so 105 inches wide by 75 Inches long.  I am running out of my 9 yards of material and realizing that um the with is too wide and the length is to um short.  He wanted a extra large queen size and I think I went a tad too wide.  I might have material for 2 more rows which would put me at 12 by 14 blocks (its going to be flipped on its side)

Man Quilts 1-2 more like Dad's Zag Zag and Paisley Parade I have enough X's sewed for 1 and half of these.

Tosha's Quilt (wife's sister) this is being mostly worked on by my wife.  She has sewed all of the x's any way.  It will have material from Dance of the dragonfly and also from my man quilts.  The flannel on the back will be the same as which is on Hearts and Flowers 2 Hum never took a picture of the back of that quilt interesting.

2 Secret Giveaway Quilt - Giveaway is not a secret but the quilt my wife is working on is.  You can enter now following the 2 links here make a separate guess for b-day and weight. and

Awaiting Quilting:
Flight Of the Dragonfly - This is a lap quilt the sister quilt to Dance of the Dragonfly I have decided that I need to unpin it and re-pin it a lot better then I had originally done the first one as I made some ugly bunches on it.

Tanya's Heart Quilt - This will be a queen size blanket and we have started making blocks but don't have a clear plan on a finish for it.

Jared's Levi Quilt - Jeans for Jared I am still shy material to finish have a couple people that said they would send me some to add too it and my mother just gave me a pile of my dads old levi's and then told me that I should make my dad a lap quilt out of them also.  So not sure on this one.

Planned Quilts:
2 John Deer Rag Lap Quilts one for a brother in law and one for my father in law.
1 Case Machinery Lap Quilt for a brother in law.
2 Bug Jar Quilts for nephews.

Finished: 4 (ok the Green Quilt of Awesomeness! was actually done last Tuesday but this is my first WIP wed  so I am cheating)
On Going Projects: 4-6
Awaiting Quilting: 1
Planned: 5 (though I keep thinking i am missing a couple)


Tiffany said...

How fun your first WIP Wednesday! I am hit and miss posting them - I need to do more work on my projects to feel the need to share what I've completed! You do a great job finishing your quilts - I am always in awe of you, for just a beginning quilter you're inspirational! :D

sewfrench said...

Jeesh there for a second I though you were giving away a baby, LOL!

KeyQuilter said...

haha sew french! I'd take the baby! wait- i have a new grand daughter, that'll do. Glad to find your blog, Richard! I'm all the time telling people that real men DO quilt!

Susan said...

You are awesome, Richard! I haven't had a finish in a while, but one is coming up soon. Soon as I get to it. =)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Wow! You've been so busy! I love the hearts blocks and your flight of the dragonfly is fab. Your productivity puts me to shame :)

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