Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orange Blocks and More Hot Pads with a little extra

Today starts with 2 more of my Hot Pad Finishes these we will call Hearts and Stripes (only for lack of a better name) They will be for a gift to a family that I know from church.   My son and I are their home teachers and I have not visited recently and these and a cookie mix should make up for it a little. The hot pads were a lot of fun and I am glad they are done.  This holiday weekend also gave me a chance to let Rebecca my daughter spend some time quilting and she has finished sewing her first baby quilt.  It is a lap quilt I will not show a full shot so that she can show it off more when she is done cutting it and washing it.
She was so excited that I finally allowed her to use my sewing machine. This is a classic reason why I need to buy my self a second sewing machine. One of the big reasons I started to quilt is so that she could learn to sew. She will be starting High School next year and plans to take a sewing class my hope is that before it starts she can have at least some skill in it. In all of the quilts I have seen on the we their is 2 types that really stand out to me. One of them is one that uses I believe its called the Granny Square blocks.

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elizabeth said...

I made my first granny square block last night! Aren't they fun? The yellow fabric is so bright and cheerful : )

SewSurprising said...

You certainly pack a lot into your weekends and nights :) Your daughter has done a great job as well, love the bright fun,funky colours she has chosen :)

Anonymous said...

Becca's quilt looks good in the little bit you teased us with. =) I know the family will love the hot pads. (I'd be happy just to SEE my HT! LOL) The orange blocks look so cheerful. So bright compared to the blacks and blues and purples you've been doing. A second sewing machine is a good idea with three of you sewing. I'd find an old Singer 201 or 301 or something that isn't too expensive but works forever. I love my 301.

Elizabeth said...

Your granny squares block is so pretty! I love it. Orange is a highly underrated color, but I happen to love it.

Yay for more hot pads and good for you for doing your home teaching!

Love the peek you showed of Becca's quilt. The colors are really pretty. Hancock's has a Janome mini on sale for $49.99. Or you could check Craig's list/KSL for a good used one.

Thanks for linking up.

xo -E

Heather said...

Aww.. she's a cutie! And looks like she's having a blast learning to sew. Way to go, Dad!

Aimee said...

Love those orange blocks. Oh, so vibrant & cheery. Congrats on another finish w the hot pads :)

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