Monday, February 20, 2012

Tanya's Choice and Post 50!

Today (Yesterday by the time most will read this) I finally sat down after church and sewed together all of my hot pads.  I had made 12 (ok I could not count so actually made a bakers dozen) of these.  I created them so that I could practice Machine Quilting (wanted to try FMQ and also straight line or not so straitgh line machine quilting).  They are about 8 inches square I will show them all 2 at a time (ok 1 day 3 at a time) You have have to wait a week or 2 on some depending on what other things I end up showing.
But want to spread out the love so that you get some time to look at each of them.  These 2 out of the 12 that are still in my possession (I sent one to my swap partner Ank in The Netherlands) I am curious to see what she thinks of her crazy hot pad.  The other 12 I plan to give away 2 by 2 to 6 Lucky people.  That will first be my wife Tanya.  She gets to pick her 2 and here they are.

Along with these I did get other things done and will give you a sneak peak at what I will show off more in the morning when I have some more time to write it up but here is the cupcake quilt that will be one of 4 choices for my quilt giveaway. (Picking Julia's B-day and Birth weight links below)

2 Lucky people will get to chose from 4 quilts.  To enter to win please make sure that you get your guesses in.  You can make 4 total guesses if you follow the extra guess rules.  Here are the 2 links again for any one that has yet to guess.

Oh one last note this is my 50th post what a great month and a half of quilting I have had.  In the last 50 posts I have gotten 92 blog followers and had over 473 comments made and 19,622 page views.  That just boggles my mind.  I have enjoyed this a lot and here is too another 50 posts.

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KaHolly said...

Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment. Here's to 50 more!

Elizabeth said...

Super cute hot pads! Your wife picked good ;). I love the fabrics.

Thank you for linking up!

xo -E

Cherie said...

They look really good, love the colours and the fabric used!

I'm amazed at how quickly you sew things together !!

elizabeth said...

Love the hot pads : )

Anonymous said...

That's a good milestone - 50 posts and lots of quilts!

Heather said...

What cute hotpads! Your wife must be loving your new hobby. ;o) Congrats on those impressive stats, too!

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